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Our Concept

Delivering only real, authentic swords, crafted by the finest Japanese master swordsmiths sells high-quality utsushigatana: faithful reproductions of real swords, manufactured by skilled Japanese swordsmiths with more than 30 years of career experience.

The distinguishing feature of the Japanese swords that we make is that—because they are real, authentic, sharp-edged swords made based on actual swords that exist in reality—they allow customers to deeply feel and appreciate the history, tradition and profound feelings associated with the Japanese swords of the past. We hope that our swords will enable not only Japanese people but also people of other nations to feel and appreciate the unique history and traditions of Japan.

Because our swords are 100% made-to-order, being forged only after an order is placed, it takes between 12 to 18 months for a sword to be completed. During that time, we send regular updates with images showing how your sword is progressing towards completion, enabling you to enjoy the process of your very own sword being made.

As the level of both domestic and overseas demand for contact and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture has increased, so too has the level of customer needs and requirements with regard to quality. As Japanese swordsmiths, we proudly deliver high-quality swords that will satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Looking ahead, too, we will continue to pour the soul of Japanese sword-making into each and every sword that we produce and sell, so that we may continue to provide authentic swords that will bring joy and delight to our customers.

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